Sapa, Vietnam.

     This woman, well, she was quite the character to say the least. An elderly member of the Black Hmong, this smile has graced the pages of many guide books and periodicals on Vietnam, including the likes of Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. I was glad to have met her and was surprised to turn the corner and see a recognizable face in Sapa.

     I wonder if she knows that she is one of those “world-renowned” faces associated with Sapa and Northern Vietnam. I bet even if she does, she really doesn’t care. Who knows, maybe her daily conversations include the finer points of modeling and advertising. Cindy Crawford’s got nothin’ over her.

     …and I could probably sharpen this one up a bit, adjust the color a little and maybe add some contrast, but hey, it’s all about the memory, and she is perfect just as is.


Smile of the Day

Cairo, Egypt.

A smile with your monuments. 🙂 One of my favorite pictures from my travels through Egypt. Cairo in the background, The Pyramids of Giza. The ubiquitous camels of Egypt in the foreground. The guy in front here is Michael Jackson, as most of the camels around the pyramids are named. A chappy fellow, for now, with a great view day after day. Maybe thats why he is smiling …or maybe he’s just thinking of how much he’s gonna scare this guy with the camera in front of him when he hops on for a ride.

   November 25, 2007