Eyes without a Face

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Eyes without a Face…I think that was a Billy Idol song. Wonder if he spent any time in Nepal.

     Anyway, feelin’ Nepal today. This one is the top of the Boudhnath Stupa in Kathmandu. If you feel like your being watched in Nepal …just look up, because you probably are. I really didn’t get out of the Kathmandu Valley much when I was there (I HAVE to go back), but my god. I have no regrets. What a city, valley and culture.


5 comments on “Eyes without a Face

  1. Very cool, John. Kathmandu is very very high on my list of places I must go within the next few years. If you head back in the near future, who knows, maybe our paths will cross there sometime.

    P.s. I picked up my DSLR about a week ago now and I absolutely love it. You were very correct when you told me that the upgrade to the DSLR is absolutely worth it. I also read all of your posts on “photography tips.” I wish I could take photo editing classes with you though haha. The lighting that you always seem to have in your photographs is incredible.

    – Nate

  2. That’s a really nice shot, John. We were there today and have been advised to return for dinner once we have done our visit to other areas of the country. If you have more, please post them soon. Cheers, Ian.

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