Sapa, Vietnam.

     This woman, well, she was quite the character to say the least. An elderly member of the Black Hmong, this smile has graced the pages of many guide books and periodicals on Vietnam, including the likes of Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. I was glad to have met her and was surprised to turn the corner and see a recognizable face in Sapa.

     I wonder if she knows that she is one of those “world-renowned” faces associated with Sapa and Northern Vietnam. I bet even if she does, she really doesn’t care. Who knows, maybe her daily conversations include the finer points of modeling and advertising. Cindy Crawford’s got nothin’ over her.

     …and I could probably sharpen this one up a bit, adjust the color a little and maybe add some contrast, but hey, it’s all about the memory, and she is perfect just as is.


12 comments on “Hello

  1. Awesome portrait. I didn’t meet this woman when I was in Sapa. Most likely because it was freezing cold, misty, and she was probably indoors like all the other sane Vietnamese people. Not a face you can forget, that’s for sure. While I agree that it is cool to meet these ‘famous’ faces that you’ve seen in guidebooks, it also makes me realise that to really get off the beaten trail you have to go so much further than you would have, say, 25 years ago.

  2. Wow! Impressive study, a face you really have to just keep gazing into.

    For all of your readers, and loyal fans, your photo gallery “Chasing the Sun” has been nominated for the new Fat Jerry Award (for bloggers who take risks). Voting has just opened today, so visit http://spectrumwoman.com to show your support and check out the other entries.

  3. I hope you don’t think I’m cyber stalking you but I had to leave another comment(oh and read almost your entire blog in one night)

    Anyway being a geriatrician, this face strikes a chord so close to my heart! I love old people 🙂

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