Kan-Tucky Born

Udaipur, India.

     That’s right. Born in Kentucky, USA. Surprised the hell out of me.

     Me: Grunt (lift camera). Photo. (shake camera)
     Him: Nod of head
     Me: Snap, click, click, click
     Him: Nod of head
     Me: Cigarette (actually just lifting the pack)
     Him: Where you from?
     Me: (surprise, he speaks english) America
     Him: No, where at in America (in a deep southern draw)
     Me: Philadelphia
     Him: Born in Kentucky
     Me: No shit…

Damn. It is a small world. India, surprising to say the least.
Never did find out why. Just took it as India. Things happen.
People change. People stay.
I still wonder what he was thinking…



13 comments on “Kan-Tucky Born

  1. Great shot! I think I would have been shocked, too. I lived in KY for years, but never met anyone like that! Wow. Small world. (BTW, I decided to follow your post. I look forward to more great photography.)

  2. wonderful portrait!
    the dermal lines on his face and body could tell a thousand stories…

    as a newbie hobbyist on photography, i am learning. 🙂
    thank you for sharing!

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