Some travel stories and pictures, posted, well, whenever I feel like it… For now alot of older photos from previous trips. …and alot of opinions on travel, photography and  just general travel equipment and the occasional pointing out of the total lack of common sense in the world these days.

     Any suggestions or anything you wanna hear, just let me know. I have been a photographer for over ten years and have extensive experience in travel photography, what equipment to use, places to go and what works for me during and combining travel and photography.

    Some of my travel experience includes (but not limited too): USA, Caribbean, Canada, Italy, Morocco, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, etc, etc…

       Thanks for stopping by and if you want to hear about anything in particular, or about any of the destinations listed above, just leave a comment and ask.



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    • Thank you for your reply, John. I’m finding myself drawn to areas of isolation. Such as islands and most recently came across uncontacted tribes.org

      I feel photo documenting a culture/environment that hasn’t been featured or properly understood is my attraction. There are boundaries within such circumstances, but when trusted with those involved you are experiencing a very unique wonder.

      I currently shoot Canon (an old school DSLR), and at a point to upgrade or changed systems entirely. Could you give me your feedback on working with Nikon DSLR’s.
      And if you’re already shooting HD with these cameras?

      I look forward to you sharing more of your travels… 🙂

    • haha we meet again just saw this blog on Freshly Pressed. I agree – your photos are amazing John! Glad to see you’ve visited Burma. Not many have been there or even know that it exists.

  1. I like your attitude about your photography. A photo is a bookmark in time and space and your the one that it was taken for first. If someone else likes it too all the better.

  2. Hi John,

    I saw you on the front page and ended up adding your link to my blog. Photography and travel – my two favorite things…

    Was wondering if you would be interested in being featured as a photographer on my blog. It would involve 10 questions, 10 images and one of you. The latest one went up today if you want to see what it would look like:

    Let me know if you’re up for it. You can email me at littlephotographyobservationist@hotmail.com


  3. Thanks for blogging your photos and travel experiences. I will be visiting here often, and although I don’t have a blogroll yet, once I do, I will be adding you to it so that others can enjoy it like I am.

  4. Wonderful images. I just got back from a trip to the Caribbean and posted a photo narrative of my journey.

    I will add you and like to know how you got the flag counter to post on your blog? I’ve tried to quick post it and nothing happens. 😦

    What’s next on your travel platter? I think I’ve been smitten to live on a beach after my tropical visit.

    • hipshooter – It may depend on your theme – but I used the text widget and just pasted the code in the text box.
      Next on my travel platter – not sure, but I’m really smiiten with SE Asia right now …so probably somewhere around western China and than Laos, back to Thailand and maybe Nepal and Vietnam. An absolutely great area of the world.
      Thanks for the comment – hope the flagcounter info helps,

    • Gloria. For fun… although if anyone wants to buy prints, hey, I’m in!!! I consider myself a treveller first and photographer second. I always wanted to travel the world so a few years ago I started. Seems the more I travel, the more I want to travel now. I love it. …and it’s an ordinary life, but with some moments of excitement…
      Thanks for the support

  5. Hi John
    Congratulation and all the best with the blog. I really appreciate your skills so it`s great you can express it all for everybody.

    Kindest regards

    Andrzej Makal

  6. Hello! I absolutely love the pictures you posted, it’s such a great thing to do when you share your travels through pictures aye? I wish I could do this when I get older! wonderful job, I’ll be sure to come back for more!

  7. Thanks for the feedback John. Mate, you’ve got quite a bucket list going there! If I can knock off half the places you’ve ticked off on number 32 I’ll die a happy man. P.s. that photo and post about the little girl in Mut, Egypt made my day. Very cool and beautiful little snapshot in time you’ve shared with us…

  8. Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday; you made some great points. I think its a very interesting topic.

    On another topic, have you ever travelled in South America? I ask as I am Brazilian and as I am a documentary photographer I find it really interesting to compare photographs from different countries.

    Like your blog!

    • Antonisia, no problem. Some great pics on your blog.

      No, I haven’t been to South America at all, except for an illegal visit to a beach on Venezuela for about an hour…

      Thanks for the comment and support,

  9. I love to travel and take photos! I’d be interested to know how you got into travel photography and how you were able to sustain that life style. This would quite possibly be my dream job :).


    • Thanks for the comments Kayoh. …How do I sustain that lifestyle? Work for awhile , save money and head out to put it simply. I actually am in a good situation now where I can take a month or two off at a time, but it’s not easy finding that type of job. I do think the real trick is to keep the monthly bills low. If you fall into “The American Dream” type thinking, your up to your eyeballs in monthly bills…not good.

      Thanks again,

  10. Impressive list of countries. As the saying in my lingo which literally translates to “Far travel, wide vision.” Roughly it means, “Lots of travels open up the mind (more wise).”

  11. Thanks for “liking” my post. It’s when I read blogs like yours that I become even more inspired to travel and write. Love your photos and stories, I’ll be eagerly following your posts in future.

  12. Hi, thanks for stopping by danthonia.wordpress.com and the “like.” I really like your writing style and combined with your imagery, it really makes the story come alive. Keep up the good work.

    Cheers, Ian.

  13. Just wanted to say, I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog. Alot of work has gone into it. I’ve recently started a photography course and have set up my blog for my work. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking around it and giving me any comments/advice. Cheers.

  14. What gorgeous pictures! And I am incredibly envious of all the wandering you get chance to do…..how about we make an agreement? – I lose enough weight to physically fit inside a back pack and you take me with you? sure it might take a little while and a lot of chocolate sacrifice but its doable! I’m about a large suitcase size at present 🙂
    (it’s worth chansing my arm!)

  15. Bookmarked your blog–even though I’m a little jealous of all your travels! We lived 12 years in Spain and have kids and my sis in China. So we love to go to those places and new ones as well. Thanks for all, all your beautiful photography…

  16. Knock knock! Where are you wandering? What happened to my favorite travel blogger? No posts since Sept? 😦

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