Hanoi, Vietnam

     The Altar of Confucious inside the Temple of Confucious, located in The Temple of Literature, Hanoi. Just like the name, too big to convey a real sense of this place through a picture, so just a sliver here.

      From what I’m reading right now, this is the oldest architectural complex in Hanoi, being built in 1070 during the Ly Dynasty. Ha, …about four times as old as my country. I just wonder how many sticks of incense came before these…




10 comments on “Incense

  1. Beautiful pic. Being in the Temple of Confucius must make you realise how small your personal history is in relation to the rest of the world. Entire kingdoms and dynasties have risen and fallen even before we became the smallest droplets in the river of time.

  2. I remember the temple! Love the perspective on the incense. In temples like these, I keep trying to capture the smoke rising for the incense, not very successfully, I admit.

  3. Hey John whats going on? I realize I’ve dissapeared from WP for a while haha so its been forever. Just wanted to drop by and say this is an awesome photo! Love the curls of smoke and the color of the already used incense sticks.

    I believe you might have a much earlier post on this, so I’m going to run a search for it, but if not, I wanted to ask, which lense do you use on your SLR for your landscape travel pics? I’m going to be heading to Peru in a couple months and I’m considering finally making the camera investment that we talked about oh so long ago.

    Thanks man, its been forever, I’m going to have to catch up on your travels.


    • Hey Nate …same ol’. I haven’t been on much lately either …just too busy, but still have about 10000 pics and 1000 stories to post 🙂 …first time on the incense sticks too.

      A lot of the pics were taken with the Nikkor 18-200, yet for this one and a lot of my Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Japan pics, I used the 35 1.8. Great little lens …and cheap.

      I’ll be back!!!

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