Chasing the Sun


It’s fun, chasing the sun. …a bit expensive, but oh so colorful.

Post #100. …figured I would go back to something I’m good at – photography.
…ok, not necessarily good, just more gooder than writing that is. It’s all relative.

A few from the past 100 and a few that will be in the next 100…

From top to bottom, left to right: Axum, Ethiopia // Yankari National Park, Nigeria // Lake Lagdo, Cameroon // Niokolo-Koba National Park, Senegal // Dahab, Egypt // Bagan, Myanmar // Mt. Nebo, Jordan // Kabul, Afghanistan // Dahab, Egypt // Halong Bay, Vietnam // Northern Sudan // Lake Tana, Ethiopia // Bagan, Myanmar // Simien Mountains, Ethiopia // Axum, Ethiopia // Bagan, Myanmar // Northern Sudan // Black Desert, Egypt // Black Desert, Egypt // Niokolo-Koba National Park, Senegal // Bagan, Myanmar.

I think it’s gonna be a lifetime pursuit…


29 comments on “Chasing the Sun

    • Dakota – thanks for looking and the compliment – and yes, every photo on every post on my blog was taken by myself.

      PS: I see your avatar everywhere but didn’t even know it was your blog I was commenting on. Also had to go back through my comments and kind you. Great pics…

      Edit: of course not the map pictures though 🙂


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  2. more gooder? ROTFLMAO – OK – you win on the photography being better than the writing!

    Really great photos, John. I still like the bottom one – oh what the hell – I like them all!

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