Some great blogs & websites I have seen around focusing on photography and travel:


     In Case You Were Wondering…
               Great India and SE Asia photos as well as other destinations.
     Trail of Ants…
               That’s what I’m talkin’ bout. Great directory also.
     The Travel Photographer…
               A veritable who’s who of todays top travel photographers. I could probably spend a few days
               just clicking on links from this site.
     Reason To Wander…
               Less blog, more masterpiece. So clean, so different, so easy. Wow, wow, wow.
     Stuck In Customs…
               If your a photographer, traveler or blog designer …you’re gonna drool over this one.
               …just be careful, this one is a memory hog.
     Wandering Earl…
               In 1999 Earl went to SE Asia for three months. He’s not home yet. As of today, May 3, 2011,
               Earl has been going for 4141 days. (Update Dec 3, 2013: 5087 Days)

Favorite Photographer Sites:

               A “lesser” known photojournalist who has some really great stuff.
               This guy has balls, as well as talent. Maybe my all time favorite.
               New site here.
               Well, his site speaks for itself. My Bucket List: to someday do what he does,
               and be half as good at it.
      Steve McCurry…
               …of National Geographic’s “Afghan Girl” fame. I used to think this guy was, well, ok, but the
              more of his work I see, the more I think he is a master at what he does. If you get a chance,
              take a look at his books, and I mean his actual books …physically, not online. They are
              nothing short of spectacular and maybe the most consistent type work I have ever seen. You
              may be saying “consistent”, huh? …take a look.

Some just plain WOW:

     Joey L…
               Check out his “Abyssinia” & “The Mentawai” albums and blog posts. Wow…
     Phil Borges…
               Great stuff.


2 comments on “Linkroll

  1. Cool stuff, John! Just have seen Steve Mc Curry´s Afghanistan exhibition at the “Amerika Haus” in Munich; what an experience-this guy has touched my very soul like no other photographer before! Werner

  2. I just viewed your blog and it is great. I have a quality website on travel as well, i would like to propose a link exchange with you. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

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