My Barbie

Baan Tong Luang, Mae-Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

     Yep. Here it is. The quintessential poor child looking very sad, with no real “toys”, asking for any money you may have for just a little something to eat, beckoning with those large eyes, that look oh so sad …yeah, not so “reality” really. This girl is about to break into a big grin, and you put a plate of pad thai in front of her and you have never seen a happier child …believe me. Actually a plate of any kind of food. Not that she is starving, but just because she loves food. Any food. She likes snickers candy bars especially (just in case you visit). Her Barbie isn’t in great shape – every time you put the arms and legs back in the sockets, she just cranks em’ right out again, with a chuckle and grin. She’s a feisty one. She’s a kid. That’s what kids do.

     Some may question the rings, but honestly, that wasn’t for me to question when I was there. I really don’t see that. I just see a kid. …and I see one that’s about to go ballistic because I have snickers and I like to fix the sockets. 🙂 …really don’t care about the religion, the ethnicity, the color, the tribe. She’s just a child. She wants to have fun. She wants candy. She barely even knows what money is. …no matter how she is portrayed by some tourists pictures.



A Penny for Your Thoughts

Baan Tong Luang, Mae-Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

     Ever hear that saying? That’s exactly what I’m thinking here. I wonder what this woman is thinking as she is looking in the mirror. I know she was a Proud woman, and has every right to be, and she has a very pleasant expression as she looks at herself. But I just wonder, and would love to know what she is thinking as she looks at her reflection. Just one of those moments I guess…

August 24, 2009