Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

     As seen from the Tokyo Tower. Honestly, the Tower doesn’t look like it’s too high, looking up from below, but it is actually taller than the Eiffel Tower and once your up on the top deck, you get some spectacular views over Tokyo. It was actually inspired by its French counterpart and is now the second tallest structure in Japan.

     When I was up on the observation deck there were actually people having picnics on blankets and a television star in the middle of a photo shoot. I even met a guy I had known for years from a site on the internet, and we didn’t even know we knew each other until we were home months later and posted pictures from that same night at about the same time. A quick email confirmed he was the guy I talked too and thought looked familiar …it’s a small world.

     Everything from restaurants, shops, a bar and an aquarium are situated in the decks of the tower and all a few steps away (at most) from views like this. Surrounded by parks, temples and some of the livelier areas of Tokyo, the Tower is perfectly positioned for to provide a great experience in Tokyo. If you have the time, I would highly recommend a visit at sunset.