Chong Kneas, Cambodia

The top contender for the 2008 Olympic Gold in the new extreme sport of smiling.

     Beijing won’t even see her coming…  She trains hard, everyday, to the point her head hurts. Total dedication… Her equipment: A couple brand new front teeth and a large ice cube… How she trains – licking the ice cube until total brain freeze…No one said it would be easy but she knew that. The price that has to be paid for the gold. Look out Beijing…Here she comes.

Taken in the floating village of Chong Kneas on Tonle Sap, just down the road from Siem Reap. A boat full of girls that looked like they were just plain happy.  The little girl in the back just kept yelling “Hey Mister…Picture!!!” and the one in the front was just rowing like crazy. They all wanted their picture taken just for the fun of it.

…Mar 5, 2009 update: Beijing dropped the sport due to lack of competition.
         January 2, 2007