Money Matters – What Have You Done?

One time I was talking to a very rich man.
His bank account was huge. He knew it.
He was a banker on wall street up in NYC.
He asked me about my finances. I told him I was broke.
He asked me what I’ve done with my life.

I told him:

I’ve seen the Taj Mahal.
I’ve walked the steps of Lawrence of Arabia through Wadi Rum.
I’ve seen Petra, the Pyramids of Giza, the temples of Angkor.
Walked the plains of Bagan.
I’ve been through the great mosques of Istanbul.
Seen the gingerbread city of Sana’a.
Sat with Sadhu’s on the ghats of the Ganges.
Watched bodies burn on the funeral pyres of Pashupatinath.
I’ve scaled the Himalayas.
Crossed the Sahara …north to south, than east to west, than back up south to north.
I’ve stayed with Bedu in the Rub al-Khali. Had tea with Tuareg outside of Timbuktu.
Seen slaves bought and sold.
Men whipped for nothing more than being alive.
Been through and seen the true faces of war in Afghanistan.
Been scared by the child soldiers of Sudan.
Walked over the bones of the not so fortunate in Mut.
Went down the Nile …all the way.
Up the Niger by pinasse.
Seen the riches of the church in St. Marks Square.
Sat on the throne of Genghis Khan.
Walked through the markets of Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Cairo,
Addis Ababa, New York, Seattle, London, Madrid…
Christmas at Lalibela.
The Stella fields of Axum.
The great castles of Gonder.
Walked the Bandiagara Escarpment.
The monday market at Djenne.
Swam through the humanity of western Africa. …Lagos, Jos, Cotonou, Lome, Accra.
Swam with Hippos, slept with warthogs, fought with baboons…


I asked him what he has done. He said he saved his money.
…never left the states. Too dangerous.