Mt. Rainier

Washington State, USA.

     Mt. Rainier, maybe the finest example of a mountain in the lower 48 states. Definitely one of my favorite National Parks, as well as one of the most dramatic, in my opinion. This is not a “mountain range” more than it is just a “mountain” within a smaller range that includes the likes of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. The “snowiest” place in the USA, Paradise Valley Lodge can be seen in the lower right of the picture here, at three stories tall, giving a nice sense of perspective to the size of Mt.Rainier from a close distance. Above the clouds, topped with glaciers, surrounded by flower filled meadows, this one is special. Add in a myriad of animal life and place it within an easy drive from a major city, Seattle, and this park is one of the best America has to offer.

     …to put another bit of perspective to the size of Mt. Rainier, below is a picture taken at around a hundred miles away, from the center of Seattle:


8 comments on “Mt. Rainier

  1. I agree. Mt. Rainier is magical. To live within sight of it would be quite a treat. I love the way you feel its presence from almost any point in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Great pics. I love the view of the city with Mt Rainier in the background. My goal is to climb Mt Rainier in 2 years’ time. No small feat given I live in the far east on a tiny island that’s flat 🙂

    • it is nice climb but it don’t take 2 yrs,,, great goal.. the Black Dimond / Green River is Great,, nice place to kick back on a Hot summers day,,Mt Rainier run off

    • Thanks Shil. The top photo here was actually from my first trip with a digital camera, the Canon G2. Now I use Nikon SLR’s. Most of the photos on the site are a combination of the D40, D40x and D5000.


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