Hangin’ Out

N’Gaoundéré, Cameroon.

     Just hangin’ out at the bus-stop, in her favorite shoes, watching the world go by from this little corner of the world. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live there, but N’Gaoundéré in central Cameroon definitely makes for an interesting visit, as does all of Cameroon.




7 comments on “Hangin’ Out

    • Thanks for the comments secam. I beleive he is holding a cup up to her mouth and some paper and cloth in her other hand, or paper and a small bag maybe…
      Thanks again,

  1. you’re welcome. it is a pleasure for me to read all those your different impressions from all over the world, and admire your great photos. Thanks .

    • Thanks for the comment and asking Rebecca – 99.9% of the time I ask first. Most of the time people are are too often just thrilled to have their pictures taken, especially in the more rural areas of Africa. Honestly, in a lot of the place I’ve been to in Africa, you don’t even have to ask, especially with the kids. They see your camera and they come running, asking you to take their picture.

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