Phuket, Thailand.

     I have always considered Thailand one of the “greatest countries in the world” since I first visited years ago, and every time I go back just reiterates that thinking. I mean, where else in the world can you wake up in the morning and walk out your front door to a baby elephant wandering around looking for bananas. All “set-up” of course, not a wild elephant per say, but still, I mean c’mon. Here in the states this would entail at least half the police force of the particular area with a lot of guns being drawn, pointed and probably fired, followed by a week of news coverage and then at least fifteen lawsuits looking for millions of dollars for any and every reason possible, including and not including a baby elephant, who is just wandering around looking for a morning appetizer. In Thailand, it’s just another reason to wake up and head outside in the morning. I love Thailand…




4 comments on “Appetizer

  1. Totally agree with your sentiments regarding Thailand. Easily one of the most friendly, cheap and easy countries in the world to get around in.

    And a TON of fun!

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