Bagan, Myanmar.

     Still going through the pics from my trip to Myanmar and, well, this is one of them – For the whole story see my index page (top right). Not much I can say except, get up early, climb a temple, …and wait for the sun. It is well worth it. You won’t see this kind of view anywhere else in the world. …and if you do get up that early, make sure you “sneak” up to the front desk and scare the h*ll out of the girls sleeping there 🙂 , who instantly snap to life, all six of them, and just start saying “What? what? How ya doin’? Good morning? What’s going on? Ehhh-hmmm, how can can I help you sir? Morning. Good morning. Beautiful morning. Mingalaba. Yes it is. How can I help you? Good morning. Ehhh-hmmm.”




14 comments on “Sunrise

  1. Very lovely landscape. I love the way it goes back into the distance through the trees and temples, with the mist enveloping everything in its path… I will say it again…great image and place.

      • Good! Although I guess from here I’ll have to order it. Do you know of Christopher Rimmer? He is an Australian photographer who specialises in animal photography and Africa. His barebreasted women got banned from Facebook – caused an international stir in the media. I think you’d both like each other’s work.

        • Hmmm, the name sounds familiar but I can’t say I really know his work – I’ll definitely look him up. Unfortunately sex is in these days and anything that remotely can be considered, looked at, or associated with sex, is. Yet, you can go to Africa and walk around with bare breasted women and it’s just “natural” …nothing to do with sex. Monetary world interpretation over natural world circumstance!!!

  2. people always think about the things that never related with the subject. and always trying to convey the subject to sexuality. isnt there something in the entire world which is worth to talk about. nonsense. -im sorry-
    btw, getting up at 5.24 a.m and trying to catch that amazing landscape is extremely exciting and enjoyable. woowww

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