Agra, India.

     The Taj, as seen from Shah Jahan’s cell in Agra’s Red Fort. I’m actually not quite sure which view is more impressive, from close-up or from afar. Either or, both are well worth the view and the time spent. As far as this view goes, I can’t help but think that Shah was put in this particular spot for the reason of torture …to look out over one of the greatest buildings ever built at the time, which he built, and think about his beloved wife Mumtaz, who he built it for.




9 comments on “Taj

  1. Beautiful shot John! I didn’t go across the Ganges, but judging by this photo I should have. All the more reason to go back I guess! It looks like the lighting was just perfect, must have been in the morning!


  2. Wow! I’m impressed. What kind of lens did you use for this? I took a picture of the Taj from the Agra fort and even at maximum zoom it was teeny!

    ps your pictures are incredible

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