Ouch …owww

Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal.

     I have to tell you, for the way these guys live, and the diet they must have, they are a happy, as well as healthy and in-shape bunch. From a westerners perspective, or at least mine, these Sadhus are a culture unto themselves, no matter where you see them. Always a smile on their painted faces. Always willing to talk and show you their “house”, or corner, or mat is more like it. I spent some time at Pashupatinath, and went back more than once. Get there early and you can watch the morning preparations. It was well worth it, and the more I talked and got to know these guys, the more down to earth they became, from a conversation point of view that is. This was taken right around the corner from my last Pashupatinath post, “The Boys“, and right above “Sadhu Joe“.

     Yes, that is his foot, and yes, that is a fly on his toe. A very “bendable” fella here, who can be seen in the travel galleries of visitors all over the web, as well as in multiple BBC & NG videos and books written about Nepal and the Kathmandu Valley. Seeing him, as well as “The Boys”, in videos on TV always puts a smile on my face. Seeing this shot, and remembering some of the yoga positions they got themselves into, always makes me think “Ouch”.




9 comments on “Ouch …owww

  1. Thnaks for the comment Marissa …not sure, but I probably gave him ten rupees? …maybe. I actually spent a few days there at Pashupatinath and ended up talking and sitting with a lot of the guys there. Great bunch.

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