Home Sweet Home

Damascus, Syria.

     Have you ever pulled up to a hotel, or any other type of place that you booked or were staying at, and thought that maybe you made a big mistake. Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to that review, maybe you should have spent the extra ten dollars. “I knew those pictures looked to good to be true”. …this shot was taken, well, about 50m down the road from our accommodation in Damascus.

     In all honesty, it was a really good campsite. “New Kaboun Camping” is the name. Hot showers, refrigerator to keep the beer cold, a nice big barbecue to cook dinner, a big patch of grass in a secure compound …and surrounded by five mosques which provide a really loud alarm/wake-up call/good laugh when they start to go off at full volume at around 5:00 AM with the call to prayer.

     The joys of travel, gotta love it…

November 12, 2007


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