No Butts

Taken on the Niger River somewhere in between Mopti and Timbuktu, Mali.

     This one from the top of the boat, or pinasse (I’ll explain that in a future post). Maybe the “safest”, if not the overall best place to stay on a trip up the Niger River. Why the safest? …you see the kids in the villages along the Niger River, and you’ll know what I mean. Ever have a 50 Lb. ball of smiling, almost always naked, energy  flying at you at a full force run… You’ll see. Not dangerous, per say, but a kid who doesn’t have a toy and knows that: boat full of people = toy …toy being an empty plastic bottle. Holy Smackatoly. A few hippos in the way …they don’t care. Seriously. They do not care. This shot taken from above as three of these “balls of energy” lunge into the pinasse to “explain why they should get the empty bottles”. One of the fondest memories of my trip through Mali. The kids are, simply, awesome, for lack of a better word. Balls of energy ready to explode into full sprint at the slightest hint of fun. …here they have launched themselves out of the water like three crazy dolphins, and nothing is going to stop them from acquiring a few toys before they hop back in the water.

March 5, 2008


13 comments on “No Butts

  1. Your blog is amazing! I’m so inspired. How are you able to do all of this traveling? Would love to learn more about you. And yes – please do contact me if you’re in Thailand and interested in teaching photography to our kids. I’m the President of SOLD – have lived in Thailand for the last year but returning to California in the next week to continue fundraising and organizational management from there. Please do stay in touch!

  2. OK – I see you now! Yes, you do have an awesome attitude to travel, and I love your photography. I am always on the lookout for those who can inspire me – and guess what? You do. Thank you for opening my eyes! (maybe for the next time when I’m on the “tourist” side at least!).:) – Lu

      • Ahh ha ha! Nice one! Nah, not at the moment. We’re off to go drilling for gold in “them thar hills” (actually – no hills at all) tomorrow. If we strike it lucky – I’ll let you know! Meantime -I’ll be watching and waiting for another opportunity to strike! 🙂

  3. I’ve missed a month of your posts! How did I do that? I am not happy with myself, but on the up side, I can catch up over a quiet Sunday evening!

    I love this picture – especially the artistic element of the move from left to right of more to less (no) clothing.

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