Abomey, Benin.

     Sometimes life is simple. It’s just plain black & white. A lot of places in Africa, I got that same feeling. Simple, not easy. Almost animalistic. Survival of the fittest. You live and work that day to eat and survive that day. If you have the luxury of falling asleep that night, you won on that day. Everything else is just “fluff”.

     …the scars on the cheeks a symbol of this boys tribe, made with razor blades a few weeks after birth. Your in the middle of the land of voodoo here, in Abomey. It can’t be easy, and it’s definitely not simple, but sometimes it just looks that way.

February 7, 2008


3 comments on “Simple

  1. My husband has three small marks on his upper chest, traditional markings. Admittedly he is a lot older than this boy, but certainly the traditions continue. Have you been to Mozambique? If not, I am sure you would find it interesting!

    • Robyn, thanks for comment …and no, never been to Mozambique but would love to go. I’m eventually going to do another big one in southern Africa in the next few years and Mozambique will definitely be on the list.

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