Motion in Photography – Use It

Hanoi, Vietnam.

     Sometimes you just have to go with flow. Most photographers usually go for the sharpest most “in focus” type shot they can get. Well, sometimes it’s just not possible so I say use the motion and blur to create the best shot you can. Sure, you can use flash, but alot of times, especially at night, this totally changes the mood and feel of what your looking to record.

     This shot was taken at F/10, 1/2 second, ISO1000, handheld. …sitting at a corner cafe, drinking beer. Part of the reason it works for me is the mix of motion against a fairly sharp background. More than just a “static” no life type of shot, this one is full of life. It may not be the best nighttime motion shot out there, but it really reminds me of that night and of Hanoi’s Old Quarter in general. I can look at this shot and remember the traffic, the crush of people, the noise, the smell, the motion, the nightlife…

     Isn’t that what photography is all about? The memories? My best advice for travel photography would probably be to sit back, have fun, enjoy the trip and enjoy taking the pictures. More times than not, this will increase the amount of good photos, and memories, that you come home with, and for me that is what it is all about.

September 15, 2010


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