Good Seat

Agra, India.

Good seats are often hard to find at the Taj Mahal, especially on nice, clear days.
This guy got lucky, and the thinking of “being there is half the battle”, in regards to
photography, really worked out for me this time.

As for the Taj itself, I do have to say that it is impressive. I’ve seen alot of monuments,
wonders of the world and the like, and wasn’t really expecting much, but figured I was
there so I may as well go see it. Impressive building there, and maybe even more impressive
was how it seemed to just “merge” with the environment. It’s white marble reflecting
the light so the Taj actually changed with the air and color around it. Suffice it to say I also
went back the next morning. Actually, this photo is from the “next morning”.

I guess you could also say a good lesson in one of my favorite sayings when talking to
someone about travelling: “Expectation only leads to dissappointment”. So don’t go into
any situation, or travel to any country, expecting much, if anything, and your chances
of being delightfully surprised dramatically increase. Sounds stupid, I know, but it
worked this time. Hope you like it!!!

August 6, 2009


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