Hanoi, Vietnam

An amazing city, full of life and energy. Everyone moving. Everyone busy.
Everyone has somewhere to go, something to do. A city to sit back, have a beer, watch the world go by…

…that is, after the hectic streets of the Old Quarter drain you to the point of “No More!”. They can be, and almost always are, loud, crowded and intimidating. Motorbikes flying by from every angle. Hawkers trying to sell their wares. Trucks blocking up the lanes, markets situated everywhere.

      A few days, or even hours, of walking and site seeing can get on anyone’s nerves, yet well worth it. Soak up the atmosphere. The old decaying French architecture. The sites and smells of the city. Stop and look up (just make sure your not in the road). Wander the back alleys. Go into that small store. Talk to the people. A wonderful city. Not many left like it.

   All the shots above taken on September 17, 2010 from the Ol’ Irish Wolf Hound in the Old Quarter. Could, and did, sit there for hours just watching this fascinating corner of the world. If you go, tell Nguyen I say Hi, and have an ice cold one for me.


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